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This document covers the installation, set up, and use of this theme, and provides answers and solutions to common problems. We encourage you to first read this document thoroughly if you are experiencing any difficulties before contacting our support team.

WordPress Upload

To upload through your Dashboard, select “Appearance” and then “Themes”. Next, select the “Install Themes” tab at the top of the page and then select the “Upload” link, right above the search field. Choose your file and select “Install Now”. Once the theme is fully uploaded and installed, click “Activate” to activate the WordPress theme.

The theme files will be stored on your server in the wp-content/themes location.

When uploading your theme with the installer, please ensure you are uploading the theme .zip file.

FTP Upload

To manually upload your new WordPress theme, login with your credentials to your website and locate the wp-content folder in your WordPress install files. Upload the un-zipped Maillard folder into the: wp-content/themes folder.

Once uploaded, activate the theme by heading to the “Themes” menu in the WordPress Dashboard. Locate the Maillard theme and hit “Activate”.

Premium Theme Setup

If you're looking for WordPress theme installation and setup to look exactly like the live theme demo - then we're here to help. Fast & simple for only $49.

Get the Theme Setup service →

Our in-house team of professional developers will install the theme, upload the demo XML file, and setup your website exactly like the live demo. Frustration free. Complete your purchase of the Theme Setup service by clicking the link above and send us your deliverables.


Demo Content

You may like to import our demo content to give you an idea of how the theme works. You can do that here: (right click, save as)

Once you have downloaded the demo.xml, within WordPress navigate to Tools > Import > WordPress. Install the WordPress importer, then use it to import demo.xml from your desktop.

Theme Support

If you have a problem with the theme or found a bug, please let us know via our official Help Center. We take pride in our customer support and we will do what we can to assist you. If you are experiencing a theme issue, please first turn off all third party plugins to see if the problem persists.

TemplatesBack to Top

Maillard has the following templates built into the theme and can be applied by creating and saving a page in WordPress.

Home Page TemplateBack to Top

Creating your Home Page

You need to first create a page using the Home Page Template. This template uses two widget areas and also pulls you latest Posts.

Once you have created the page you can set it to be your front page in the customizer.

Appearance → Customizer → Static Front Page

Featured Images

Upload a featured image - any size will work. The images will be automatically applied throughout all the neccessary templates and loops.

Homepage Widgets

Once your Home Page has been set up you can add the featured posts and categories widgets.

The widgets are simple to configure, you simply drag the widget to the corresponding widget area:

'Homepage Featured Post' Widget → 'Featured Post' Widget area

Now simply choose the:

We've used 1 featured post and 4 featured categories, however you can show as many or few as you need.

We use the following image sizes, again you don't need to replicate these.

If your image is too large for the widget area it will automatically be resized.

No Sidebar TemplateBack to Top

The 'No Sidebar Template' puts the focus on your content by removing the sidebar. It also centers the content area.

To set up the Contact Template, simply create a page using the 'No Sidebar Template' and publish it.

WidgetsBack to Top

This theme features 7 widget areas:

Using the Widgets

To employ a widget, simply go to your Widgets editor (located in your WordPress Dashboard in the “Appearance” menu) and drag your widgets into the specified widget areas.

CustomizerBack to Top

To access the live Customizer, you may select the Customize button in the admin bar dropdown or select "Customize" from the Appearance menu in WordPress Admin. Note that you must be logged in as a site administrator in order to access the controls.

Theme Options

1. Site Identity

Set your site title, tagline, logo and the site icon. You can also choose to hide the site title and tagline if you are using an uploaded logo.

2. Colors

The 'accent color' is used throughout the theme to style links and buttons. The 'accent hover color' is what's used when those elements are hovered over.

The background color changes the background of your entire website, the default is white.

3. Background Image

This option allows you to upload an image and use it as your site background. It's extremely flexible in how you can show your image: stretched, repeated, fixed. Try it out!

4. Additional CSS

This setting allows you to add custom CSS in a way that won't be overwritten when you update a theme, plugin or WordPress itself.

It also applies the CSS in real time so you can see what effect it has.

PluginsBack to Top

This theme uses two plugins within the demo. We have styled the output of these plugins to work with Maillard.

Yummly Rich Recipes

This plugin allows you to easily add recipes to your pages. It also adds the necessary microdata to your recipes will show up in Google searches.

WP Instagram Widget

This plugin allows you to quickly display your latest instagram photos in your sidebar, along with a button link to your profile.

UpdatesBack to Top

Our updates are powered by, what this means is that when we release an update to this theme you will see a notification in your dashboard. This makes updating your theme to the latest version as simple as two clicks.

Note: We always recommend creating a backup before performing any kind of update or change.